Roof Condition Survey

Re-roofing is an expensive proposition; don’t wait until problems arise before addressing it. A roof is said to cost 10% of the total building value which protects 90% of your building investment, and many times it is the most neglected.

What condition is your roof in and what can you do today to maintain and/or extend its service life?

Detroit Roofing Inspection Service (DRIS) has experienced roofing consultants that can provide you with this type of information, including but not limited to, a general description of your roof, roof system evaluation, current life expectancy projections and maintenance/replacement schedules.

DRIS also works extensively with Insurance adjusters who want to determine the ’cause of loss’ or extent damage which was created to the roofing system due to the storm.

Call DRIS for references or more information.  (586) 759-2143.